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Frequently Asked Questions


APPLICATION INFORMATION: How do I apply for a visa?

You can find all public information about the process on our website here.

APPOINTMENTS: How do I schedule an appointment?

Please visit to schedule an appointment.

NAME CHANGE: If I already have a valid visa and I change my name (through marriage, or for other reasons), can I use my old visa?

Yes. As long as your passport is still valid for at least six months beyond the date you plan on traveling, you may use your existing visa. However, you should carry proof of your legal name change (i.e., the Thai name change certificate with a certified English translation) with you when you travel to the U.S. If you wish to reduce the likelihood of encountering a delay at the port of entry, you are welcome to apply for a new visa by following our normal application procedures.

APPOINTMENT AND COURIER SYSTEMS: Do I have to use the appointment and the courier passport return systems?

Yes, these systems are mandatory, and designed to speed up visa processing. After an interview it usually takes 3-4 business days for passport and visa delivery to your chosen address through the Thailand Postal system. Applicants cannot pick up their visas at the Embassy, but if desired can make arrangements to do so at Rong Muang post office, which usually decreases passport and visa return time to 1-2 business days.

VISA EXPIRATION: I have a valid United States visa in an expired (old) passport. Can it still be used?

Yes, if you will be entering the United States for a reason consistent with the type of valid visa you have. You should carry both the old passport that contains the valid visa and your current (new) passport. You must use both for entry to the United States.

VISA REQUIREMENTS: Do I need a visa to go to the United States?

Thai citizens require a visa to enter the United States. Some nationalities do not require a visa. For details, please see the Visa Waiver Program.

FEE: How do I pay the visa application fee?

Most applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee. Click here for more on fee amounts. The fee can be paid at designated Krungsri Bank branches nationwide. Applicants must first create a profile and print a receipt from

VISA REFUSALS: Why was my visa application denied? Can the decision be overturned? How and when can I re-apply for a visa?

Most visa refusals fall under section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. This section of the law states that in order to qualify for a non-immigrant visa, applicants must demonstrate strong ties to a residence abroad that they have no intention of abandoning by providing evidence of social, familial, and economic ties. Under the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act, the burden of proof is on the applicant.

An applicant refused under section 214(b) may reapply at any time should circumstances change or should they be able to present additional evidence of compelling ties outside the United States.

In order to reapply, applicants must again follow the same procedure by filling out a new visa application form and paying another visa application (MRV) fee. A refused applicant can reapply as many times as he or she likes. As a matter of policy, we try to have the case reviewed by an officer who has not seen it before. However, reapplying without significantly stronger evidence or proof of a significant change in the applicant's circumstances is not likely to change the result.

While the majority of refused applications fall under Section 214(b) of the INA, in some cases, an applicant may be found ineligible for a visa to the U.S. under a different section of law. For more information about ineligibilities, and waivers that may be available, click here.

Visa records are considered confidential under U.S. law. This means that we cannot disclose any information about visa cases to third parties, including American citizen relatives or friends of applicants. Please be aware that visa applicants are informed in writing (in both Thai and English) of the reasons for the denial at the time of interview. More information about visa denials is available at the Department of State website.

DOCUMENTS: What documents do I need for my visa to be approved?

Consular officers evaluate applications on a case-by-case basis. There is no one document that can guarantee issuance (or refusal) of a visa as each case is different, and what may demonstrate strong ties in one case may not do so in another. As the non-immigrant visa application process is not documentary in nature, applications should expect to present verbal evidence of their ties. Student, exchange visitor, and employment-based visa applications require specific supporting documents. We recommend that all applicants bring in their prior passports, and that parents of small children bring their children's birth certificates.

EXPEDITED APPOINTMENTS: I need to leave immediately. Can my appointment be expedited?

All applicants for tourist and business visas are encouraged to apply early. We expedite legitimate business, educational, and humanitarian travel based on pressing need. Click here for directions to request an expedited visa appointment. Please do not send repeat requests.

ENTERING THE U.S. ON A STUDENT VISA: I have a student visa that was approved. When can I enter the United States?

You can enter the U.S. no earlier than one month (30 days) before the start date listed on your I-20 form.

LENGTH OF STAY: How long can I stay in the United States on my visa?

Upon arriving at a port-of-entry, a border officer places a small white card, Arrival-Departure Record, Form I-94, in your passport. This card is very important as it shows permission to be in the U.S. On this card, the border officer records either a date or duration of status (D/S) in the lower right hand corner. If your I-94 contains a specific date that signifies the date on or before which you must exit the U.S.

Some students, exchange program participants, and temporary workers (e.g., foreign diplomats) will be admitted for duration of status, or D/S. If you have D/S on your Form I-94, you may remain in the U.S. as long as you continue your full course of studies, remain in your exchange program, or qualifying employment.

The date or D/S notation, shown on your I-94 Arrival-Departure Record is the official record of your authorized length of stay in the U.S. You cannot use the visa expiration date in determining or referring to your permitted length of stay in the U.S. Carefully review information about international visitor admission on the CBP Website.

LOST APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION LETTER: What should I do if I lose my Appointment Confirmation Letter before my interview?

You can still attend your interview as scheduled with all the required application documents.

LOST DS-160 CONFIRMATION PAGE: What should I do if I lose my DS-160Confirmation page before my visa interview?

If you no longer have your DS-160 Confirmation page, please attempt to log back into your application online and reprint the confirmation page. If you are unable to log into your DS-160 form for any reason, please fill out a new DS-160 form. After you have completed a new form, print the new confirmation page with a new confirmation number. You can still attend your appointment with the old confirmation number as scheduled. Please bring the new DS-160 confirmation page with you to your visa appointment.

LOST PASSPORT: What happens if I lose my passport and obtain another one after I scheduled my appointment but before my appointment date?

You can attend the scheduled appointment and present the new passport along with a police report that shows you have reported the passport lost. If you are not able to obtain a new passport before your appointment date you must contact the Visa Information Service again and cancel or reschedule your appointment. You will not be able to apply for a visa without a valid passport.

CANCELLATION AND RESCHEDULING: What happens if I cannot attend the interview on the appointment date? Can I give the appointment to someone else to attend instead?

If it is impossible to attend the interview on the date you scheduled you can contact the Visa Information Service again and cancel and/or reschedule your appointment. Another person cannot attend your appointment. The appointment is non-transferable. Only the person(s) scheduled will be allowed to enter the Embassy.

FINGERPRINTS: Am I going to be fingerprinted?

Fingerprints will be collected during the interview process. The 10 fingerprints are done using an inkless, electronic process. This requirement will not significantly increase the length of your interview.

ACCOMPANYING APPLICANTS: I am an American citizen and would like to accompany my Thai friend/fiancé/wife, colleague/etc. into the visa waiting area and assist him/her during the visa interview. Can I do this?

Only individuals applying for a visa are allowed to enter the building and to participate in the visa interview. Exceptions ARE NOT made for American citizens who are family members, colleagues, or friends of the applicant. The only exceptions are for children under the age of 16 and applicants with disabilities, who may be accompanied under certain circumstances.

CAN THIRD COUNTRY NATIONALS APPLY IN BANGKOK? I am a citizen of another country who would like to apply for a visa while in Thailand. Can I do so?

While it is the policy of U.S. Embassy Bangkok to accept visa applications from anyone physically present in our consular district, we strongly recommend that you make your application in your country of nationality or residence. Should you choose to apply in Bangkok, and you are not a Thai citizen or a long-term resident of Thailand, it may be quite difficult for the adjudicating consular officer to make a determination regarding your case. Additionally, while many visas are able to be issued within 3-4 business days of the interview, if there are any delays it could have a significant impact on the timing of your return travel.

LOST OR STOLEN VISA: My visa was lost or stolen. How do I get a new one?

Applicants whose visas are lost or stolen must follow the regular application procedures on our website, and must demonstrate their current qualifications for a visa. Applicants whose valid visas were lost or stolen must also bring in a police report when they come to interview for a new visa. If a new visa is issued, it will generally be for a full period of validity.

INDEFINITE VISA: I have an indefinite U.S visa in my old passport. Can I travel to the U.S. on that visa?

No, the indefinite visa is no longer valid for travel. You must apply for a new visa. At present, B-1/B-2 visas for temporary business and pleasure issued to Thai nationals have a maximum validity of 10 years with multiple entries. However, visa validity varies on a case-by-case basis.

DS-160 INQUIRIES: I am having difficulty completing the DS-160 application form. What do I do?

A number of resources are available to assist applicants in completing the DS-160 application. U.S. Embassy Bangkok's detailed guide on completing the DS-160 application, the U.S. Department of State's Frequently Asked Questions for the DS-160, and a video guide are all available. While we are generally unable to assist individual applicants in completing their applications, we note that it is important that you fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible. While filling out the DS-160, we recommend saving frequently to avoid data loss. Applicants are required to bring the DS-160 confirmation page to their interviews.


  • Forbidden Items and Entry Regulations
    Forbidden Items
    NO backpacks, suitcases, or large bags/handbags
    NO laptops, tablets or MP3 players
    NO cameras, electronic chargers and ear plugs
    More restricted items
    Only visa applicants with confirmed appointments will be granted access on to the Embassy compound. Accompanying persons are required to wait outside the Embassy entrance.
    If you fail to follow these security requirements you may face delays or cancellations to your visit.

Contact Information

  • Consular Section
    Embassy Bangkok
    95 Wireless Road
    Bangkok 10330, Thailand

    Call Center representatives will be available:
Monday – Friday:  8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (excluding holidays)
    Local telephone: 02-105 4110; from the U.S. (703)-665-7349