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Press Releases 2009

Cobra Gold’09 Joint Exercise Announced

January 13, 2009

Embassy of the United States of America
February 4-17, 2009

The armed forces of Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and the United States today announced their participation in the Cobra Gold exercise in Thailand from February 4-17, 2009.

Cobra Gold is a regularly scheduled joint and coalition multi-national exercise hosted annually by the Kingdom of Thailand. Cobra Gold 2009 is the latest in a continuing series of exercises designed to promote regional peace and security. This exercise marks the 28th anniversary of this regionally significant training event.

U.S. Ambassador Eric G. John said at the CG'09 press conference that "there is no better exercise than Cobra Gold to keep our militaries ready to respond to the real-world priorities of peacekeeping, stability, reconstruction, and humanitarian assistance. Relief efforts for the 2004 tsunami and last year for Cyclone Nargis demonstrated that multi-national responses to regional crises are likely to be the norm in the future, and the ability of regional partners to assist those in need was a direct product of the multilateral training that takes place in Cobra Gold."

Training will consist of a computer-simulated command post exercise, field training exercises, and humanitarian and civic assistance projects.

The exercise will combine Thai, U.S., and Singaporean armed forces in a coalition task force headquarters staff exercise. Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and the United States will conduct field training exercises. Thailand, The United States, Singapore, Japan, and Indonesia will participate in an exercise designed around the United Nations multi-national peace support operations scenario. Thailand, the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan will participate in humanitarian and civic assistance projects, designed to improve quality of life and local infrastructure for the host Thai people.

In addition to the five main participating countries, the royal Thai government has invited several other nations to participate in various roles during the exercise. The following countries have been invited: Australia, Brunei, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Peoples Republic of Cambodia, China, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Mongolia.

Media interested in covering this exercise should refer to information posted on the cobra gold website or contact (Thailand) U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section Bussabonglahwan Pattaro at 02-205-4418 or the U.S. Army, Pacific Public Affairs Office, LTC Cynthia Teramae at (808) 438-9760, or email